eDigitalPlace Review : Cheap TV Streaming Provider

Welcome to the review of eDigitalPlace. You may have already heard about the Site named eDigitalPlace. eDigitalPlace is a Subscription based website where users can get monthly, or yearly subscriptions to watch Television Online, on their devices. They claim to stream hundreds of Channels (mostly sports and news) for the cheapest price possible. Channels like NBC, Sky Sports, Sky (All), ESPN, Fox, BTN, Pac 12, Sec network, ACCN Extra can be watched.

And Channels like NBC, Sky Sports, Sky (All), ESPN, Fox, BTN, Pac 12, Sec network, ACCN Extra can be watched through their service. But is it true? Let’s find out!

Review Type: Positive

We bought their service for research purpose. And that was a fairly good experience. Here is the review of every section of their service.

Price: The Price is very reasonable for the service they are offering. Channels like HBO offers their subscription to watch their channel online for over $20, which for a single channel when you can watch hundreds of channels for the same price or even lower.

Quality: They are offering good quality 1080P HD Streaming for most of the channels, and there is almost no buffer at all if you have a decent internet connection. We tested their service with an 1 Mbps internet connection and it worked like a charm.

Support: Their support team is very responsive, I didn’t have any issues, but I talked with them about their services, and their reply to the support ticket was very fast.

Simple Interface: Their website design is also very compact and easy, we logged into the dashboard using an iPhone 6S and an ordinary android phone, and we had success to watch streams both of the times.

Multiple Channels: I personally don’t spend a lot of time watching Television, sometimes I check on the news and some sports events. So ESPN, NBC and Sky Sports is the regular channel I watch. And they didn’t fail to deliver that to me.

Multiple Users: You can share your subscription with your family members! Yes, you can give account access to your family members and they can watch whatever channels they like, eDigitalPlace also can be used as a secondary television of home. But it kicked me out from the dashboard couple of times for being logged in too many devices, lol.

Payment: They accepts various kinds of payment methods, like most of the credit cards, and their payment system is also verified with secure.net But the bad thing is they are not accepting PayPal Payments right now.

How to get a Subscription?

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