How to Watch Lions vs Giants Monday Night Football 2017 Live Stream

National Football League regular season has started, and this is week 2. In Today’s MNF, Lions and Giants will face each other. And I can already tell that this match is going to be LIT. But how can you watch it without a cable television service? I am here to help. Now I will show you how to watch NFL Live stream online without cable tv or dish.

This match will start at 8:30 PM, and you can enjoy the match from the beginning to the end. This match will be broadcasted nationally on ESPN. So without further ado, let’s get started.

There is a bunch of legal ways to watch TV online without cable, but I will cover up the best ones today.


SlingTV is the best way to watch television online if you are on a tight budget. For $20, you will be able to watch both ESPN and ESPN 2 for a month in the Sling Orange Package. They also offer 7 days free trial for new customers.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now offers the most channels for their price, which is around $35. You can watch multiple channels (60+) including ESPN and ESPN 2. They also offer 7 days free trial.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers 40+ Channels for $39.99, and the best thing is you can watch this on 5 different devices no matter what. They offer 5 days trial.

On Demand: NFL Gamepass and NFL Mobile

If you are fine with the $99.99 official NFL Gamepass Season Pass, you can watch every NFL game replays, but you cannot watch them live. Although they appear shortly after the game ends. But I think it should not be on the choice list of hardcore football fans.

And if you are Verizon wireless Customer, you can watch NFL Games on your mobile devices. Available on Android, iOS and Microsoft platforms. Just type NFL Game Center in the app store and download their app to watch.

Hope it will help you guys to decide which service to choose.

If you’re outside of the USA and Mexico, You may need to use NFL International Gamepass. Its price depends on which country you live in. You can check the price on their official website. And the alternative option for you is to watch using third-party streaming sites but they may contain lots of ads and spams.

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