Oscars 2018 Live

Oscars Academy Awards is one of the biggest and most popular TV Show/Award in the whole world. And everyone knows that directors and actors work hard all year to get nominated for Oscar. You read that right. And when a movie wins Oscar, It’s value will be skyrocketed in a matter of second. And getting a ticket for the show is near impossible. So you got to watch that from home right? But If you don’t know how to do that, Like how to watch Oscars 2018 live stream, I am here to help! In this article, you’ll know about every possible way of watching this event LIVE.

You’ll be able to watch the Show on your laptop, desktop, and mobile devices. Some providers support consoles as well. I’ll talk about the both Free and Paid method of watching this. I would recommend the Paid option because there is no hassle of Adware, Malware or Server Slowdowns. And If you are unable to do that, I got your back bro! Keep reading.

Watch Oscars Live Streaming Online

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One should make sure that the live streaming starts half an hour before the original event begins. If one does not have a cable connection to catch up Oscars live via ABC then one can stream through various other official channels from the devices available with them like laptops, desktops, mobiles, android, mac, iPhone, iPad and various other devices available with them.

Here are some best ways to watch Oscar awards live stream online without cable. Let’s check out in detail below. Just follow the stream links to watch the event in HD quality without any issues.

A simple cable subscription with high-speed internet will enable one to watch the event live on the television or one can download the ABC app in their respective device like desktops, laptops, Android, iPhone, Ipad, Play Station, tablets or any other devices which will never devoid you from watching the event live from Dolby Theatre, California.

Stream Oscars 2018 Live with ABC

If you would like to watch the Oscars 2018, then the easiest way will be through ABC Go. All you need is sign in or just sign up for the new account. You can able to stream the 2018 Oscars live as soon as you have offered your cable information. One can live stream Oscar Awards live via Hotstar.com.

One may be in different parts of the world but according to the time –zone one can catch up with the show and take all gun from it. Sling TV is the best option for online streaming options but it requires high-speed internet in order to avoid any interruptions in between. One important information about Sling TV, it gives seven free online connection as a trial run, so if wants to be bit intelligent can take the connection and watch the show for free.

Academy Awards 2018 Live Stream

Oscar preparations all around the Globe is always big. Sunday will be a big award night which is watched by millions of viewers across the Globe at different time zones. Due to such time variations across the Globe, one should plan the watching of the gala event accordingly. There are several viewers who do not have paid TV channels. For these viewers, there are several other good options by which they can watch the Oscars 2018.

  • First, connect to any US-based ExpressVPN Server location.
  • Then, Visit the link: http://oscar.go.com/
  • Finally, get pleasure from live streaming of Academy awards in High Definition.

Streaming The 2018 Oscars With ABC App

To enjoy every moment on 4th March from Hollywood Dolby Theatre one can just switch on to ABC channel the official partner of the Oscars. This is possible only if one is a member of paid TV subscriber. Apart from streaming Oscars 2018 through television, you can also watch this big event as directly as you can through the ABC app. Live streaming of Oscars 2018 is also possible via ABC Go. One can just sign in or sign up for a new account. After receiving the cable information one will be able to watch the event live from Hollywood Dolby Theatre.

Given below are the steps to protect your connection while streaming

  • Make a connection to any of the ExpressVPN Server Locations available in the United States
  • Visit http://abc.go.com/apps
  • Then, download the application on your preferred mobile device
  • Now, look for live 2018 Oscar streams (Previous year, Oscar’s live streams were available only in a certain number of cities)

VPN Guide to watch 90th Oscar Awards online

One can use VPN for streaming the Oscars 2018 live through ABC app. One should get connected to the VPN server of United States to get the best speed and best quality of the event. One needs to install the VPN on the device. It is absolutely personalized and thus none can track the device. Then with the help of the Sling TV which is free for 7 days for a trial run, one can get the best live telecast of the event from the right channel of ABC. Which choosing the channel of ABC one should be very careful.  Just follow the instructions and watch the Academy Awards live stream using VPN.

If a viewer does not have a cable connection then one can view the Oscars live only by streaming other official channels from the devices available with them like laptops, desktops, mobiles, androids, i-Pad, iPhone, MAC etc. While streaming the official channels one should follow the instructions and should carefully watch as to which channels are showing the event in high definition.

  • One has to download and also install VPN software on the respective device. VPN is so personalized that none will be able to track the device as to what the user is using this VPN for.
  • Get connected to VPN server located in the US. For the Best speed, one should get connected to the nearest server which will be close to the user.
  • When the connection is done one should go to Sling TV and sign up or the free trial going one for 7 days. One should also choose the right channel in ABC.
  • So one is once connected to VPN, there are no worries. Whether you are home or anywhere you will not be deprived of the world greatest movie award event.

Which VPN is best to watch Oscars?

Here are some best VPN services you can use to watch the show live from any Countries.


It’s one of the best-rated VPN services with some quality Ip’s. I have used this personally and never disappointed. You can watch the award show from any countries using HideMyAss VPN. They are having best servers in 190 Countries with Fast connection plus P2P service.


If you are not in the United States, It’s required to have a good VPN to watch Academy Awards 2018. ExpressVPN is having a lot of advantages like their 24/7 customer support, Specially designed for streaming and great privacy while browsing.

Watch Oscars 2018 Live On Facebook

Even though there is no official announcement made until now, Facebook will be expected to stream the Oscar 2018 through Facebook Live. Everything you want to do is just sign up and then, head to the link: https://www.facebook.com/TheAcademy.

The social media giant Facebook officially confirmed to stream Academy Awards Red carpet plus backstage scenes on Sunday. Viewers can access the show through Facebook Watch which connects to “The Oscars: All Access”.

You can also find live options on ABC’s Facebook page.


Majority of users would like to watch the Academy awards through youtube only but we have not got any official confirmation regarding the live stream of the show. You can find the updates here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Oscars.

Can I watch on Reddit

Reddit is one of the best places to watch Academy Awards online for free. There will plenty of stream links available during the event. You can search and find best subreddits which have quality links without any advertisements and popups.

PlayStation Vue And Sling TV

Don’t have Facebook? If so, no issues because users without cord could also able to stream the Oscars live through the Playstation Vue and Sling TV.

Sling tv is a good option for live streaming but it demands high-speed internet for any seamless view of the show and with very high definitions. Sling Tv gives a free online trial run for seven days. Then why not try the options for Oscars Live on March 4th, 2018.

Get more details about Oscar Awards here.

How to watch Oscars through Kodi

Oscars Live in Kodi is a fun live never before. This would not be the first time that Oscar will be available for the viewers live in KODI. It was also up in 2017.

People all around the globe who wishes to catch up with Oscars live on their TV are really looking up for KODI streaming.

Initially and earlier Kodi was only used as a media box for watching TV shows, sports event, and even movies. If one wishes to take the full opportunity to watch Oscars 2018 in KODI then the best things would to avail the fast and most reliable and cheap VPN. Ivacy could be a better option for VPN.

Once this VPN is installed in the device then Kodi VPN should be added on to the VPN provided be it, anyone.

  • Then Kodi VPN should be connected to the US server.
  • Any two videos add-on should be installed.
  • Now enjoy the full fun and privilege of the Academy Awards


Roku is one of the best players for streaming Oscars in HD quality. They are having a lot of channels to watch. Just connect your Roku to a router or install Kodi to watch the show. If you are living outside USA, there will location barriers and just use a VPN to overcome this.

Sling TV

One of the famous and most rated streaming subscription service. One can easily watch Oscar Awards live online free through Sling TV. There is lot number of plans starting from trial to monthly packages. ABC is available on Sling and if you are planning to stream the show in the United States, Just start with one-week trial and enjoy the full coverage. You can also opt for Monthly subscription starting with $20 package.

Watching the show with the help of Antenna

Now, watching Oscars without a cable connection is tough. A viewer can surely get an antenna from the market or can order online and fix the device. If one is within the limit of the transmission tower then there will not be any problem is receiving all the channels seamlessly with very high definitions and this will enable one to enjoy all fun and glams of Oscars Event night.